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Monday, February 23, 2009

It is rodeo bbq cookoff time in Houston. My husband belongs to a team called the Kilowatt Kookers. The Houston Electrical Leaque sponsors this team and the reason for this event is to raise money for college scholarships. The team was tickled to have an article published in the Houston Chronicle on 2/25/09 about their efforts. Some of the more interesting facts listed there were that this team cooked over 600lbs. of chicken, 2,800lbs. of brisket, and around 25 cases of ribs last year. Their team was first runner-up over-all in the contest last year and donated over $50,000.00 in scholarships! Pray that my husband's legs don't fall off. He is one tuckered out dude by the end of the week. This is a family affair with my two sons volunteering their time as well. Hopefully they will tell dad when it is time to sit down and rest.


  1. I hope you give us a great BBQ recipe some time!
    Napoleon's hat is adorable.

  2. NOw I'm sooo hungry. Ribs are my favorite. Hope his legs made it, with him attached. ~PJ

  3. YUM! That sounds so good!!! BBQ!!!

    Be sure to stop by my blog and pick up your award and thanks for your comments...