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Sunday, September 13, 2009

On the Road Again

On the road in the Texas hill country, we were beckoned by a sign that said "Saloon Open". (Not the sign you see above, but I digress.) A saloon is far more interesting than a bar so feeling quite Texan we decided we were parched and backed up our steed (car) for a sharp right turn to find the saloon. Fortunately, the sign warned us it was 2 miles away from the main road so we were prepared for a scenic journey through the countryside.
About a mile into the jaunt we came across this old silent community called "Crabapple". (O.K. now...see sign above.)
This sweet little lutheran church is just across a clearing from a tiny schoolhouse.

German immigrants built this little schoolhouse in 1878 from native limestone. As many as 40 students from the surrounding area were educated here until 1957 when they merged with nearby Fredericksburg.

Back in the saddle we came across a
sign to our destination.
(This is where the saloon resides.)

Tin Star Ranch is a 370 acre ranch owned by Cherry and Jim McKinnon. They have a variety of guest accommodations like this wonderful cabin for folks to experience a relaxing night or two.
You can see photos of the saloon and read more about
Tin Star Ranch
Cherry and Jim were delightful hosts and we are grateful for their hospitality.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the pic of the church!! It's beautiful!

  2. Those little backroads are too fun. Thanks for the tour. It is hard to believe that little school held up until 57. The year I was born. I am going to check out the cabin next. Thanks!