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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1930's Bungalow Architecture

Do you ever ache for simplicity?
And what does that mean to you?
I have the privilege to have a listing for a sweet little house built in 1935. It has the good fortune to be located on a corner in a still small town with great big Houston all around it.
But I can imagine...
603 Granberry 024
sitting on this front porch...or....
603 Granberry 018
...walking across these floors....or...
603 Granberry 012
....closing the pocket doors to keep the noise of the children playing in the backyard away, then curling up next to the fireplace to read a book.
I love glass doorknobs like these...
603 Granberry 005
...and I remember telephone niches for when the phone had to stay in one place ...
603 Granberry 009
Until it sells, I get to pretend this is home...at least while I am there for an open house today.
This house feeds my soul.
Just had to edit this post...to tell you this house is sold to a cute couple.
The wife will be able to walk to her job at a 5 star French restaurant.
Perfect new owners for this sweet little house.


  1. Very nice and I love "pocket doors."

  2. I do love that house... so much character...

  3. Nice pictures. Too bad they painted all the woodwork, though. It's fun to dream!