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I'm a full time realtor who loves to dapple in art and antiques. I dedicate this blog to my grandmother Hallie who never forgot how to live, laugh, and love to the fullest...and always passed it on.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mom's Art

My mom was a very talented and courageous woman. After raising 6 children and teaching for 35+ years, she finally had the time to experiment.
Low and behold, her children learned there was a painter
inside that serious task driven task master (as a good mother of 6 should be.) This was her first production. In the years to follow she worked on many more paintings and her children and grandchildren display her art with pride. Inside each painting we can see the passion and determination of the mother who loved us and who was brave enough to let her light shine as she continued to grow and learn.


  1. I always loved that picture of Mother's. It is perfect in your house. Send this link to Becky so that she can see Cliff's picture. He would love it. You're a very clever person, Sister.

  2. What a lovely painting. I'm glad your mom finally got to show her talent to the world.

    The Texas Woman

  3. I love this painting!! How wonderful that you have your mom's paintings.