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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


When you get tagged by The Texas Woman to share some facts about your life, you are going to have to dig deep to find anything close to the interesting facts about her life. This blog phenom is worth it just to get to know folks like her. But enough about her. The following is, for once, ALL ABOUT ME!!! Here goes...

1. Half of the people I know call me by my middle name and do not know my first name.

2. There are a growing number of people that call me by part of my first name, and only part of that name, because I don't like to be meowed.

3. I have a twin brother.

4. I fried my brain by sticking one end of an electric cord in my mouth when it fell out of my mixer into the cake batter the first time I used it a couple of weeks after I was married. I laid down on the floor and laughed and thanked God for letting me live.

5. The most dangerous thing I have ever done was to drive a 4 wheeler down a rocky cliff into the Pecos river. My husband had to be life flighted out of that canyon after he unsuccessfully navigated the same river on the same 4 wheeler. Fortunately he is still alive although still cranky and embarrassed.

6. My sister is my best friend and we can have a blast on Bourbon Street without alcohol. We still drink it when we get thristy from too much dancing.

7. I recently won a costume contest at a party!

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  1. Take a really deeeeep breath.... and another... you WILL survive this... and I am saying a prayer... keep smiling. Watch out for Cher... she's contagious...xx PJ