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I'm a full time realtor who loves to dapple in art and antiques. I dedicate this blog to my grandmother Hallie who never forgot how to live, laugh, and love to the fullest...and always passed it on.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weddings Can Suck

When was the last time you had to take part in a wedding you were not ready for? Did you do your part and then, what the hell, let yourself go? I am in the midst of a "sudden" wedding. Some folks are helping and some folks are not. I bet the day of, we will all have fun because that is just the way we are. It will all work out ...somehow.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Best of luck with your son's wedding plans. It is stressful,but it goes by sooo fast. Take lots of pics!!! I put you on my favorites and will check in to see if you survived!

  2. Girl, this post is cracking me up, I see you have one of my favorite sayings in it!! I bet I say that at least 10 times a day!!! Janna

  3. Janna, let me guess...what the hell!!!