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Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have a grown son with Asperger's Syndrome...which is a form of high functioning Autism.
The ways in which this is a handicap for a grown man are insidious. His intellegence confuses people who do not know about his diagnosis and they judge him as stubborn, haughty, a know-it-all, and just plain weird. I am his biggest handicap in that I have tried to protect him and have so overdone it for all of his 27 years.
This week-end he has the honor of being best man in a childhood friend's wedding. He is required to be in another city for this event and momma set up a plan to drive him a day early so that he would not have to try to navigate a strange city on his own. He has never left Houston by himself.
Well, on my birthday, he announced that he would be leaving a day early...alone. You can imagine how I freaked! My sweet son held me and let me cry and assured me that he would be fine and to let him go... which I finally relunctantly agreed to do.
The next morning I found these beautiful roses waiting for me with a card wishing me the best. It poured down raining on him all the way but he made it and called to let me know he is fine.
I wanted both of us to remember this day and so I made my first photo collage ever to thank him for the roses and also in having faith in himself and his mom to accomplish something scary. Who knows what the future brings!!!


  1. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a thoughtful son. You rock, Jake. Margaret

  2. Kitty, I visited Sharyn Sowell's blog tonight as I always do. Just want to know I am reading your blog. I'm glad I did. One of my best friends has a grandson with Asperger's. Her son is only 10. She lets me know how he is doing which is pretty good by the way. You are an encouagement to more people than you know. Also, I live in Arlington, TX. I will bookmark your blog so I can continue to read it.
    Sharon Hermens

  3. What a tender moment to share...I know this will bring great encouragement to many parents hoping and praying for the life journey of their own special children.

  4. Such a sweet and tender post...It seems as if you have done a wonderful job raising your son...I have similar issues with letting go of my 20 something children...I also have a friend whose 25 year old daughter with Aspergers just moved to Florida to work on her own at Disney...it isn't easy to be a parent...isn't easy to let go...

  5. I just have to tell you that this post touched my heart so much. I am so glad that you stopped by my blog. I just sat here and cried because I can relate so very much. What a beautiful thing for you and your son....I know one day I will have to go through this very same thing. I hope I can handle it! I would be just like you...I would probably freak out! I just have to trust God in every situation...right now for me it's what to do about junior high!

    Anyway, I am so glad to have found your blog. Oh, and we have one more thing in common...I am a realtor, too.

    I will be praying for your son.

    Take care,