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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Blessed Family

It came upon a midnight clear
that glorious song of old

Of angels bending near the earth

To touch their harps with gold.

Happy Vintage Christmas Monday
My mother painted this set of the nativity for
our family about 30 years ago.
It holds precious memories of my mother
who wanted us to always remember the
true meaning of Christmas.
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  1. Hi Kitt, this nativity is just beautiful and how wonderful of your mom to do this for her family. I love how you have it displayed, just gorgeous! Have a wonderful week!

  2. This is an unusual set (and beautifully painted, I must add). Any chance the name of the mold is imprinted on the bottom of any of the pieces? I'm curious to know since I have started doing a little bit of ceramics (I have found a shop that can mold a couple of the pieces that are broken out of sets I've acquired.) I especially like Mary in your set.....

  3. That is just lovely, your mom did a great job!
    And I love that it's featured right underneath that awesome puppy picture!
    After all, we all know what "dog" is spelled backwards.... ;-)

  4. Hi honey,
    Love the nativity, and the sentiments that go with it. I am with Anne, love, love, love that dog picture. Thanks for coming to my soiree! Your decorations are perfect.

  5. Thanks, ya'll for the comments. Anne, I was feeling guilty about the dog picture above the nativity and thinking I should take it down but you....thanks for thinking about the fact that dog is God spelled backwards. God loves a sense of humor!!!

  6. beautiful nativity scene, beautiful sntiment. I love the story behind your set. Isn't it wonderful that you have that from your mom...


  7. Your header is so fun! Made me smile. I love your nativity. Such a treasure for you to have. Great memories. Merry Christmas!

  8. I love this post...The pictures..the words...WARM and FUZZY

  9. Love the nativity and what a nice job your mom did! xo Joan, our hostess