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I'm a full time realtor who loves to dapple in art and antiques. I dedicate this blog to my grandmother Hallie who never forgot how to live, laugh, and love to the fullest...and always passed it on.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Who Dat???

The New Year is approaching and as you can see, I have made a new header as so many others have.

I am having trouble with my blogger identity and I have been experimenting. Below is a different photo that I considered using…Sarah, the girls, and paintings 003-1

Identity is an issue around my home right now. My Asperger (high functioning autism) son has had a total identity crisis during the holidays causing our whole family to reinvent ourselves in order to help him. Each of us has put on the good cop/bad cop hat, psychologist hat, educator hat, loving parent hat, silly goofy make him laugh hat…etc. 

So…dear blogger friends….bear with us while we take a station break and try to find out bearings. Your prayers would so be appreciated.


  1. Kitt, you all are in my prayers. I know God has answers. I'm praying for peace in your hearts as God leads you forward.
    p.s. Thank you for the sweet comment, I'd love to see YOUR bridesmaid dresses!

  2. Will be praying for all of you, especially your son. Take care of each other. This New Year will be a good one for all of us! xx PJ