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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

The power of one continues…(see previous post). Today’s word isHope--the Brookwood Community
This tile was made by residents of the Brookwood Community which is in a suburb of Houston. It is a residential home for the developmentally disabled. They make and sell many items which contribute to the hope that their families have for the citizens of this community to continue to enjoy  purposeful and happy lives.
My blogging friend at What’s Deb Doing? talks about the word
and she links it to her hope for her son
to be safe on his second tour to Iraq.
Please join in her prayers for his safety.


  1. Thank you Kitt for your support....and I am familiar with Brookwood, as I used to collect their artwork. HOPE....and all words are so very powerful. May we choose them carefully with good intention. Be in touch...Deb

  2. Kitty, I am not familiar with Brookwood, but I love the tile you showed. I agree that in this time for our country, we need Hope and Freedom.
    Looking forward to visiting with you in 2010.

  3. I have several Brookwood pieces! I love giving gifts from Brookwood!
    Have you ever tried their salad dressing? YUM!

  4. I keep trying to add your link to my friends blog roll and I can't get it to accept... I am going to figure this out... I am not ignoring you... I just have to see you on my list to comment on your post....Please forgive me... I am trying...ugggg.